Freeflow co-led the pre-seed SAFE into Flion resulting in a fully diluted ownership stake of 4.5%. Other investors included Caltech and Wilson Hill.

Freeflow Investments in Planetary Health Continue to Grow

Lots of companies get called game changers or breakthroughs, but Flion Energy has the potential to create a massive shift in how we think about energy. It will no longer be associated with pollution or climate change but instead a sustainable solution to these challenges. Flion reinforces our firm’s commitment to investing in Caltech and JPL based companies focused on planetary health.

David Fleck, Founder & Managing Partner, Freeflow

Overview of Flion Energy

What is Flion Energy?

Flion Energy is a battery technology startup at Caltech that is developing a new concept in energy storage: fluoride-ion batteries (FIBs). Historically, the global battery market, estimated at over $100 billion, has been dominated by lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Traditionally, Li-ion batteries have offered the best combination of long run time and lower weight compared to other alternatives, enabling Li-ion to dominate specialty and industrial market segments like automotive, consumer electronics and energy storage. Until now, next-generation “beyond Li-ion” batteries have been hampered by numerous scientific challenges. Fluoride-ion battery technology, for example, offers several important advantages over Li-ion batteries, but so far FIBs have been limited to very high-temperature (>150⁰ C) applications like downhole deep drilling. Flion Energy is developing a unique technology – “Functional Liquid Electrolyte” – which allows FIBs to operate at room temperature.

What market are they targeting?

The worldwide battery market is estimated to be > $100B. Early use cases include automotive, consumer electronics and energy storage.

What’s next?

The seed stage investments from Freeflow, Caltech, and Wilson Hill will enable Flion to demonstrate a prototype next-generation FIB cell with compelling performance for early-adopters and for longer-term development into other markets.

Freeflow has been a believer in our vision and a supporter of Flion from the earliest stages. We are going after a difficult problem with a potentially huge market opportunity predicated on world-class science. To get on our way, we need the support of patient investors willing to take risk on scientific breakthroughs like ours. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the unwavering support of Freeflow at this very early and critical juncture where we are translating innovation into a set of commercial products and offerings.

Simon Jones, Founder and Executive Chairman, Flion Energy