Working Upstream is Our Moat

We go to great lengths to understand each company’s mission, business potential and founder motivations. By immersing ourselves in their vision, we better align our capabilities and resources, leading to a more impactful relationship that goes beyond investing.

On average, we spend 10 months with founders before investing.

A System for High Potential Companies

To create value, our strategy has been to execute a focused and repeatable model for producing high growth companies that disrupt or create entirely new billion dollar markets.

We focus on science-driven founder communities with great potential to improve lives and generate large-scale results.

Investing at the Point of Proven Science

Because we work upstream, we are positioned to invest where and when the science behind the solution is established and poised to scale.

Strategic Advantages in Non-Science

Our goal is to equip founders with advantages they can't find anywhere else. That's why we dedicate time and solutions to company building functions like fundraising, marketing, hiring and strategy.

Tom Miller, Ph.D.
Co-founder & CEO, Iambic Therapeutics

From Day One with Iambic

“Freeflow has been with us from day one. They have always stood firmly by us, from the term sheet they submitted at the beginning of the pandemic in March ‘20 through to the present day. David was in the board meetings and supported our vision of a technology-powered drug discovery company. As we went out to raise our Series A, Freeflow was instrumental in helping us to prepare materials and navigate the process.”

JJ Kang, Ph. D.
CEO and Founder, Appia Bio

Partnering with Appia Bio

“By the time Freeflow invested in Appia Bio's seed round in July 2020, we had built a great working relationship and alignment over months of discussion. We were introduced by David Baltimore, Nobel laureate and president emeritus of Caltech, who now serves as chairman of Appia Bio. They have been strong partners to the company ever since, advising on office and lab space, recruiting and hiring, and providing introductions to potential future investors. In April 2021 Freeflow participated in our Series A, continuing their steadfast support. We've been really pleased to have Freeflow as an investor, as a participant in our board and strategy meetings, and overall, as a true value-add partner.”

Pieter Fossel
CEO and Co-founder, Hydrosat

Putting Hydrosat on the Map

“Freeflow has been a true extension of our team at Hydrosat. Whether we needed a PR advisor to put our company on the map, or a venture bank to help us grow, or the lead investor of our next financing round, Freeflow has always connected us with the right partner at the right time to help us achieve our goals. David and Kevin have been true mentors and have always elevated the discussion in the boardroom, driving to the critical issues when we faced big decisions. Freeflow has been an outstanding partner to build our company with.”