Mitico is a Freeflow Fund Two portfolio company spun out of Caltech that offers a scalable, cost-effective and integrated solution for mass mitigation of industrial carbon emissions. In this Founder Session talk, Mitico CEO and cofounder Clément Cid shares the story of developing the company’s proprietary technology that captures over 95% of the CO2 emitted from flue gasses. Coupled with real-time emission data tracking, sequestration and reutilization, Mitico is an ideal match for the needs of industrial emitters to drastically mitigate carbon emissions in a scalable, sustainable and cost-effective way.

Freeflow Founder Sessions is our content series that sheds light on the origin stories of our portfolio company founders and leaders. Hosted by managing partners David Fleck and Kevin Barrett, these talks serve to educate and inspire our community of investors, fellow founders and future founders.

This talk was originally recorded on April 30, 2024.