Switch Therapeutics was founded in 2020 to develop therapeutic applications from RNAi research conducted at Caltech, Harvard Medical School, and City of Hope. In March of this year, the company officially launched following its $52 million Series A financing round. “This is a transformational era for RNA medicines and we’re excited to apply our scientific discoveries in ways that could lead to new therapeutic breakthroughs, with the potential to treat some of the most devastating diseases,” said Dee Datta, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Switch Therapeutics. “Our approach uses novel CASi molecules that are uniquely able to self-deliver efficiently, have high potency and long duration of effect. Additionally, we can design CASi molecules to activate only in select cells, allowing for expansion into targets that may require precision RNAi approaches.”

Learn more about the company at https://switchthera.com/

The discussion kicked off with a presentation and introductory remarks from Dee, who received her PhD from Caltech and MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Before Switch, Dee was the Chief Business Officer at XOMA. After her opening presentation, there was Q&A with Freeflow and concluded with questions from the audience.

List of speakers:

Dee Datta, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO at Switch Therapeutics

David Fleck, Founder and Managing Partner, Freeflow Ventures

Kevin Barrett, Managing Partner, Freeflow Ventures