Soaring (fka Toofon) is building the future of automated flight by providing the leading heavy-lift drone for commercial and defense customers.

Their heavy lift drones are based on technology initially developed in Caltech Professor Mory Gharib’s autonomous technology research lab.

The discussion kicks off with introductory remarks from CEO Amir Emadi and Mory Gharib, Caltech professor and Soaring co-founder. It is followed by Q&A with Freeflow and concludes with questions from the audience.

List of speakers:

  • Amir Emadi, co-founder and CEO, Toofon
  • Mory Gharib, co-founder Toofon, Professor and Director of GALCIT (Aerospace) and CAST (Autonomous Systems)
  • David Fleck, Founder and Managing Partner, Freeflow Ventures
  • Kevin Barrett, Managing Partner, Freeflow Ventures