Freeflow Ventures hosted a discussion that focused on portfolio company DNATWO. DNATWO is a startup formed out of Caltech developing a pipeline of DNA repair inhibitor drugs. Their vision is to use precision targeting of DNA repair to treat cancers.

The discussion kicked off with a presentation and introductory remarks from the founders of DNATWO, followed by Q&A with Freeflow, and concluded with questions from the audience.

List of speakers:

  • Judith Campbell, Professor of Biology and Chemistry, Caltech, Co-founder and Chair, DNATWO
  • Brian Stoltz, Professor of Chemistry, Caltech, Co-founder and Chief Chemist, DNATWO
  • Kenneth A. Schultz, MD, Co-founder and CEO, DNATWO
  • David Fleck, Founder and Managing Partner, Freeflow Ventures
  • Kevin Barrett, Managing Partner, Freeflow Ventures